Environmental Services and Waste Management

Ridgeline Canada Inc. is a professional Environmental Services and Waste Management company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Including our Head Office, we have 15 Office and Facility locations throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We have a long history of providing integrated and innovative Environmental Services and Waste Management throughout western Canada.  Today, we continue to build on our experience and strive to create the best value for our clients through smart and integrated solutions.

We service and support many key business sectors including oil and gas, power and utilities, renewable energy/resources and commercial land development.

Your Trusted Environmental Partner

Our core values of Quality, Accountability, Integrity, Communication and Safety are intrinsically linked in the way we do business. By striving to meet the highest level of ethical and safe conduct and being truly accountable for the service we provide to you, we are your organization’s most trusted environmental partner.

Ridgeline’s Divisions

ridgeline-environment-drop-smRidgeline Environment

Comprehensive Environmental Services

Our Environment division offers offer a full suite of Environmental Services for your organization.  From Pre-Construction and Reclamation Services to Emergency Spill Response and Waste Management, Ridgeline Environment keeps your organization protected. To learn more about how we can assist with your environmental service requirements please visit the Environment section of our website.

View Ridgeline Environment’s locations.

ridgeline-greenfill-drop-smRidgeline GreenFill

A Better Way to Manage your Oilfield and Industrial Waste

For your Waste Management or Disposal needs, our Alberta and Saskatchewan regulatory approved GreenFill Treatment Sites™ and Facilities accept a wide range of Contaminated Soil, Oilfield and Industrial Wastes. Ridgeline’s GreenFill Facilities are able to Categorize, Treat or Recycle your waste while reducing your firm’s liability. To learn more about how we can assist with your waste requirements, please visit the GreenFill section of our website.

View Ridgeline GreenFill’s Facility locations.

Ridgeline Oil Recovery Inc.

Now Accepting Liquid Production Wastes Focusing On – Stung Stand Wastes, Tank Bottoms & Slop Oil.

In partnership with Ridgeline GreenFill, we have recently expanded our Lloydminster Facility to now accept and process liquid production wastes. At our Regulated Facility we are now accepting select liquid wastes focusing primarily on stung sand wastes and slop oil for treatment and recovery. To learn more about our Ridgeline Recovery Facility and our acceptable wastes, please click here or call us directly: 306-750-0784