“Creating Value Naturally” – It’s our mission.

Ridgeline has a long history of providing integrated Environmental Consulting services and innovative Waste Management solutions throughout western Canada.  Today, we continue to build on our experience and strive to create the best value for our clients through smart and integrated solutions.

Delivering Integrated Environmental Consulting Services and Better Waste Disposal Options Throughout Western Canada:

Ridgeline Environment

Environmental Consulting Services

Our Environmental Consultants offer a wide range of  Environmental Consulting Services in Western Canada. From every type of Site Assessment work, Reclamation Services, Drilling Waste Management and Emergency Spill Response, Ridgeline Environment has you covered.

Ridgeline GreenFill

A Better Way to Manage Waste

For your Waste Management or Disposal needs, our Alberta and Saskatchewan regulatory approved GreenFill Treatment Sites™ accept a wide range of Contaminated Soil, Oilfield and Industrial Wastes. Ridgeline’s GreenFill Facilities are able to Categorize, Treat or Recycle your waste while reducing your firm’s liability.

About Our Logo

The circle is both perfect and natural as it evolves into the leaf, which encases the sphere of the earth. The earth is rendered as a shape held within a shape, suggesting containment and control. The design implies life growing from the earth, and the protection and care of that life.