Safe Workplace

To prevent the risk of serious injury, Ridgeline’s managers have been given the ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of our people and anyone impacted by our operations.

We also firmly believe that our entire organization needs to be empowered to participate in the design and implementation of our H&S program. Therefore, we also assign responsibility to every employee to ‘see, own and share’ H&S responsibilities.

The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

Any worker, who has reason to believe that the work being carried out is unsafe, must refuse the work and notify the work manager.   The manager must investigate and take action to eliminate that danger and ensure that no employee is assigned to that work or to use that equipment unless the imminent danger is eliminated.

The employee who made the refusal may be requested by the employer to stay in the work place and do reasonable alternate work for the same pay.  It must be work he or she is capable of doing and this must not be considered to be a disciplinary action.

Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to providing the resources necessary to our operational leaders so they can identify and effectively manage H&S risks in line with our corporate policies and procedures. Our H&S Program incorporates performance standards covering a range of issues, such as risk determination and management, training, interactions with clients, sub-contractors and contractors.

Our H&S Policy is endorsed by our President and applies to all Ridgeline staff. This policy is communicated to all employees through our employee on boarding process and routine communications.

Ridgeline has mandated that our H&S Policy includes a commitment to the prevention of injuries and illnesses, continual improvement in H&S management, performance is the framework for setting and reviewing objectives.

In addition to our H&S Policy, Alberta’s Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety is also endorsed by our President which outlines Responsibility, Priority, Recognition and Improvement with cooperation with our contractors and sub-contractors within the industry. We will promote methods and practices that have potential for improving safety performance.