Our Safety Record

Ridgeline Canada Inc. has logged over 160,000 field hours between 2013 and 2014.  Over that time, Ridgeline has had no recordable lost time incidents during the performance of field activities.  Submitted safety records from and observations of our field operations demonstrate a staff dedicated to workplace safety.


Our mandatory training requirements for new employees help ensure that all employees receive the required training to understand Ridgelines approach, and receive the necessary skills and knowledge prior to undertaking tasks. Our goal is to have all employees’ complete required training within 7 days of employment. This includes a review of the Health & Safety Manual, Safety Policies, WHMIS & TDG and third party training such as; H2S Alive, Ground Disturbance for supervisors Level II, Standard First Aid and eGSO.

Communication Continues to Grow!

We have a strong culture of reporting not only incidents, but also leading indicators, such as safe behaviours, unsafe acts and near-misses.

Ridgeline employee entries during 2014 were indicative of an ever-growing level of safety awareness and engagement, with a significant increase in the reporting of remarkable near misses and unsafe acts and conditions. We believe that the higher reporting of potentially unsafe acts and conditions is positive, being a reflection of both improved training in the recognition of hazards and importance of recording these events.

Future Priorities

A major priority for 2015 is enhancing our ability to recognize and ultimately prevent situations that could lead to a fatality or serious injury. To that end, we are implementing specific control of work processes and enhancements to our communication processes that will enable us to capture additional information on both incidents and near-misses.